Topsoil Investigation Screen

Topsoil Investigation Screen

Is your topsoil up to scratch? Many of us spend thousands of pounds on our gardens, creating an idylic space to sit back in and relax. But much of that effort could be wasted if the topsoil we are working with is not up to scratch. Sub-optimal fertility levels and in some cases where a handful of unscrupoulous suppliers pass off poorly sourced “dirt” as topsoil, even dangerously contamination materials can be lurking beneath our feet. “Why chance it? Test it!” is a motto Safe Soil UK lives by.


To that end, we devised the Topsoil Investigation Screen, which looks at fertility levels, including phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, as well as checking for contaminant levels to ensure we are not compromising our well-being and indeed the health of our loved ones. In addition to asbestos and various hydrocarbons, we also take in heavy metals including lead, mercury and cadmium among other potentially dangerous elements.


Our TI Screen can set your mind at ease that the soil in your garden or growing space is fertile and safe, adhering to British Standards Institute (BSI) topsoil parameters as set out in BS3882:2015.


These take in the following:


CN Ratio

Visible Contaminants >2Mm

 Clay Content 

Visible Contaminants Plastics 

Silt Content 

Visible Contaminants Man-Made Sharps 

Sand Content 

Soil Texture Class 

Electrical Conductivity 

Stones >2mm 

Stones >20mm 

Stones >50mm S

Nitrogen (Total) 


Potassium (Available) 

Magnesium (Available) 



Exchangeable Sodium (ESP) 

Phosphorus (Available) 

Copper (Nitric Acid) 

Nickel (Nitric Acid) 

Zinc (Nitric Acid) 

LOI 440 


Soil Colour 

Other Material 

Soil Texture 

Boron (Hot Water Soluble) 

ACM Type 

Asbestos Identification 

Cyanide (Total) 





Mercury (total)





Chromium (Hexavalent) 


Aliphatic TPH >C5-C6