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Advanced Gardening Suite

Advanced Gardening Suite

An advanced gardening testing suite that provides an in-depth analysis of your soil. It takes in soil pH, texture and organic matter as well as a measure of the three major plant nutrients: potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Furthermore, it also includes a measure of soil micronutrients: molybdenum, boron and manganese. Last, but certainly not least, we also include a nitrogen level reading.


We’ll provide a detailed interpretation of the results and suggest how to best improve your soil quality with appropriate fertiliser recommendations to help you get the most from your garden - whether that involves growing vegetables, fruit, flowers, lawns or a combination of these.


This package is often paired with the Standard Contamination Suite that measures levels of potentially harmful elements that could be lurking in your soil including heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and arsenic; hydrocarbons and asbestos. It costs £250. More on this, including a complete list of the elements included in the test, can be found by clicking here.


    We will send you a testing kit that includes a soil sample bag and instructions on how to take a sample from your growing space. When you're done, place the two-thirds full sample bag back in the box that will have a pre-paid postage label already affixed, seal it and pop the package into a Royal Mail post box or drop it off at a local post office.

    Click here to find your nearest post box location. 

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