Whether you want to test your soil for quality, contamination or both, Safe Soil UK has your testing needs in hand! 

1. Choose your preferred testing package from the selection below (scroll right to see more choices or click Order Test Kit above) - they start at £50 (+VAT).

2. We'll send you a kit to collect a soil sample from your growing space (we’ll tell you how).

3. Return the sample to our UKAS-accredited lab in the provided container - the postage is pre-paid.

4. We’ll analyse it and send you the results, usually within 10 days, along with an in-depth report.

Britain’s proud industrial and farming heritage has left behind a legacy of contamination, with countless substances and waste products that have the potential to harm human health discharged into the ground. Our testing packages can give you peace of mind that your growing space is safe and/or fertile. Why chance it?

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